Starus Partition Recovery

Starus Partition Recovery 3.0

An app that allows you to recover deleted files and repair corrupted partitions

Regardless of the file system of your hard drive and the type of storage device whose partitions or specific files and folders you wish to recover, Starus Partition Recovery has a solution for your problem. The program offers you made-to-measure solutions to each problem, so that no time is wasted in performing comprehensive repairing tasks for easy-to-solve situations. This high level of flexibility, together with the ease of use provided by its wizard-based approach, makes Starus Partition Recovery a serious option to consider when files, folders, and entire partitions have been damaged, lost, deleted, and even formatted for any reason. It supports all kinds of FAT and NTFS drives, as well as all types of storage devices, both internal and external.

Recovering a file or set of files that have been accidentally deleted or lost is one of the most common situations we are all likely to face from time to time. That’s why this recovery tool comes with a File Recovery Wizard that will not only take all the stress out of the recovery process, but will also apply just the precise algorithms required to bring those lost files back to life. From quick-and-easy recovery processes for recently deleted files to comprehensive disk analysis looking for the tiniest recoverable fragment, the program has a solution for every need. In Comprehensive Analysis mode, it will scan the entire surface of the storage media in question and will rebuild your lost data applying the most advanced recovery algorithms, locating lost files and folders even in repartitioned or previously inaccessible disks.

The same is true for lost or damaged partitions – from fixing faulty disk system structures to a complete refurbishing your lost partition from scratch, this program will cleverly apply a solution to each specific situation proportional to its severity. The program’s Complete Partition Refurbishing option is very useful – it scans the entire storage device and makes a list of all files, folders, and whatever bits of data can be considered recoverable; then it builds a new file system to produce a brand new volume where you can access all those files and documents that the program is capable of recovering.

The app comes also with a set of extra tools that will help you recover your lost data in the most convenient way. Having the familiar Windows Explorer look and feel of its interface, its Find File dialog will allow you to locate specific lost files using advanced filters and options, while advanced users will love to have access to the raw contents of a disk thanks to the HEX-Editor.

Starus Partition Recovery is not only a highly efficient recovery tool – it is flexible, and it has been designed to make the entire recovery task as smooth and stress-free for the user as possible. If only for this reason, Starus Partition Recovery is an app worth trying – the trial version won’t physically recover any of your lost data, but you will experience its thorough scan process and its ability to locate and rebuild your data in the most efficient way.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Quick and Comprehensive analysis modes to ensure full recovery of deleted files
  • Fixes broken and corrupted partitions
  • Support for both FAT and NTFS drives
  • Supports all external USB storage devices and all types of hard drives, including SSD drives


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